Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a much-anticipated and, in my opinion, disappointing book, has now gone video game:

And even though I don’t like the precedent it establishes for me to say this, I think it will make a better video game than it did a book. The book could have been much better: if they’d hired someone to write it who knew even a tiny bit about Regency England, or who could craft a convincingly mock-Austenian sentence. As it stands, however, the book does neither. Instead, it adds ninjas (!), presumably as a sop thrown to pop culture. I mean, seriously–ninjas? Why not throw in some pirates while you’re at it? If you’re not going to have the Bennett sisters trained in a martial art that might convincingly be related to the British Empire at the time of the Napoleonic wars, why not have Mario and Luigi burst through some kind of wormhole with some Ewoks and save the day?

No, this will make a better video game. Mark my words, because they’re true.