Classes start today for Spring 2010. Exciting in some ways, intimidating in others. I wonder if walking up front on the first day of class ever gets any easier? According to most of the anecdotes I’ve heard, not really.

This semester I’m teaching Satire, Literature of the British Renaissance, and British Novel I. An exciting mix, and one that, as I’ve been filling in the page numbers on the syllabuses for each week’s reading, even has me a little stressed about managing my time in order to keep up with the readings.

And it’s not that I’m concerned about finishing the readings themselves–as an undergrad I had semesters with heavier reading loads in addition to Latin. What I’m more concerned about is keeping up with the outside readings, grading, and research, in addition to the class readings. I had to plan pretty carefully in terms of when assignments come in so that it wouldn’t get overwhelming and tempt me to cut corners somewhere. Twelve-hour work week my rear-end.

But I have a plan: every time I find myself complaining about how much work I have to do, I’m just going to mutter, “Latin.” That should put things in perspective and shut me up real quick.