Haven’t updated since the Great Grading Debacle of Fall 2009, but it’s all over now except the inevitable complaints and haggling. Spent the last couple of days doing satisfyingly domestic and outside work getting ready for the holidays, and now I find myself in the possession of free time (i.e., for writing and research). This is good, since the last month of the semester saw me accumulating a nice backlog of things-that-need-to-be-done (i.e., written).

There’s a neat post up over at Remaking the University that gets into the dollars-and-sense of higher education in California: namely, that for a median price of $32 per taxpayer, Californians could continue to have an unrivaled state university system. As the post points out, that’s the price of a holiday bottle of Scotch. The difference between education and Scotch is in the deferred gratification, so it’ll be interesting to see whether Californians will make a sober decision. (OK, that was bad. I blame the grading hangover.)

In other news, I’ll be a tourist at MLA this year, so if you’re planning to be there, let me know and we can plan some sort of meet up. I have very little on the agenda besides attending a few panels and a lot of cocktail parties.