This article in the NYT makes me feel old, because I find myself doing these sorts of things more and more:

He said he had recently asked a group of students to be quiet. “They looked at me like I wasn’t cool,” he said. “I thought, ‘This is a library — we’re not supposed to be cool.’ ”

Mr. Hunt, referring to students with iPods, said: “They’re sitting next to me with their Walkmen on, and I tell them to turn it off. I’ve become like a granddad, and I’m only 33.”

But at least I know the difference between a Walkman and an iPod. Even when I didn’t have an iPod, I didn’t refer to them as Walkmen. Geez, dude, what millennium are you living in?

This is not to say that I’m cool, however. I am not cool.

But at least I haven’t already started rolling my trousers already, Mr. Walkman.