From today’s entry over at Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary:

PERCHA’NCE. adv. [per and chance.] Perhaps; peradventure.

How long within this wood intend you stay?—
—Perchance till after Theseus’ wedding day. Shakesp.

Finding him by nature little studious, she chuse rather to endue him with ornaments of youth; as dancing and fencing, not without aim then perchance at a courtier’s life. Wotton.

Only Smithfield ballad perchance to embalm the memory of the other. L’Estrange.

I’m off to England tomorrow. I arrive at Heathrow around 9am Saturday, and depending on how much sleep I get during the flight, I’ll either slouch off the plane bleary-eyed and take a short nap, or charge directly onto the train to Westminster Abbey (which isn’t open on Sunday). I’m meeting up with an online friend sometime later on Saturday for a beer, and haven’t yet decided whether to go to the tea at Dr. Johnson’s House on Sunday before leaving for Oxford.

In Oxford I’m staying at Pembroke College, through Friday. I’ll basically be doing this for the remainder of the week, where I will have to face down the conflict between my desire to see every panel on Johnson and my desire to slouch around in Oxford eating pastries and looking at cool stuff.

On Friday, I’m traveling up to Lichfield, where I’ll see the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum before heading off to Wakefield to see the singer from my old band. From there, there just isn’t any telling what kind of trouble we’ll get up to. I hear roller derby may be involved…

And then back to the States on Sunday and my classes on Monday.

I’ve reluctantly decided to drag my laptop along, and perchance I will blog while I’m there. But let’s face it, given the choice between playing on the internet or sitting in a centuries-old pub with friends, I think it’s clear which one of those is going to win out.