Though my attention has been largely elsewhere, it hasn’t escaped my attention that I’ve been pretty terrible about updating the blog over the summer. Since I’m leaving for Chicago in the morning, things aren’t likely to change much. But one of the things I’m hoping to do while I’m there is work on a couple of longer posts that have been banging around the brain pan for a while. (I’ll have some fairly substantial down-time, where I won’t be able to do much, productively or entertainmentively.)

What with the Sarah Palin ruckus last Friday, it was hard not to chime in with some (what were to me) entertaining close readings of her nonsense, but again, that would have taken time that was being devoted elsewhere. Sadly, writing for tenure trumps writing for amusement. I will include this choice bit, though: in one of the interviews, post-announcement, one of Palin’s aides said that she was getting all kinds of offers, and that she could do anything she wanted to right now. And my first thought was, “Except be an English teacher!” But there are probably states in the Union where I’d be completely wrong.