So I haven’t updated since Wordstock!, which was more successful than I hoped it would be. We had to move to our rain location, inside, but the large lecture hall was SRO that afternoon. Which was encouraging–the crowd was as big as I’d hoped it would be if we were outside and getting passers-by to stop and listen. A very wide variety of material was performed by students, faculty, and community members, including poems, prose, songs, and improv theater. The inevitable pornography didn’t make its appearance until very near the end, but apparently many students were offended. One asked me if I was, and I said no, just bored. But also amused, to see that students don’t change much as time goes by.

But all in all, a very successful event, I’d say. And I’m excited that we have the mechanics in place for next year, so that we can improve things.

Once all that was over, papers and finals started piling up. But now all those things are finished, and summer has officially begun. I’ve got a bunch of my own writing to do, not an inordinate amount but certainly enough to keep me busy all summer if I do it correctly. Maybe I’ll even blog about some of it?