Today, Wednesday April 29, 2009, we–the Department of English and the Fulton School of Liberal Arts at Salisbury University–are hosting WORDSTOCK!

It’s a gigantic open mic, held outside in the courtyard from 2-7pm, where people are free to stop by and “perform text”–read, recite, sing, freestyle, whatever. There’s already an eclectic range of performances planned and I’m hoping that people will stop by and join in all afternoon.

–poems in Spanish
–freestyle rap
–a Shakespeare/Milton/Johnson triptych to mark the various anniversaries of 2009–1609 publication of Shakespeare’s Sonnets and (late) 1608 birth of John Milton, 1709 birth of Samuel Johnson–by Ross Leasure and yours truly of the English faculty
–an essay on loving sports teams
–blues poetry
–a variety of eighteenth-century poems recited by students eager to take me up on a rare chance to earn extra-credit
–and much more

If you’re downee ocean, as we say in Maryland, come on by!